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The Merrimack Company

Upcycled Climbing Rope Dog Leash

Upcycled Climbing Rope Dog Leash

Product Details

Recycling is good for the environment, but upcycling is even better. Our leashes are fashioned from durable climbing rope and pack cloth. We upcycle it, which means we use the material in its original form and extend its life by turning it into dog leashes. So you get a great leash, the rope stays out of the landfill, and the environment gets a break because there are no carbon-intensive processes required to make our leashes. Thanks for taking this rope on a new adventure with you and your adventure buddy.

Product Features

  • Made from extra durable, high strength, upcycled climbing rope
  • Comes in 5', 8', or 20' lengths 
  • Comes with removable O-ring for attaching accessories 

Made in the USA

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