About Us


The Merrimack Company is rooted in three pillars: community, nature, and adventure. Our mission is to constantly improve our communities, act more responsibly towards nature, and to encourage all to live life with an adventurous spirit. That mission distilled is to Stay Adventurous.

These three pillars drive our design process. Our adventure-ready apparel and accessories are sourced ethically and help support the local communities in which they are manufactured, including right here in the USA. They are made from organic and recycled materials that are more environmentally responsible than traditional fabrics. We use local screen printers and embroiderers from our community in the Merrimack Valley to decorate our items. Additionally, each sale helps to protect and conserve the Merrimack River through our very own Project Merrimack.


Stay Adventurous

Adventure doesn’t have to mean hiking Everest or jumping out of an airplane. Being adventurous is a state of mind. It’s about seizing the day, being bold, and living passionately. And it only works if you can Stay Adventurous. So, you pick your life’s great adventures, and we’ll provide you with the eco-conscious apparel and accessories that will allow you to Stay Adventurous for the long haul.

Be Better

Protecting our planet is the biggest, most prevalent problem of all of our lifetimes. At The Merrimack Company, we recognize that any product we offer will have an impact on the environment. We are laser focused on constant improvement and relentlessly challenge ourselves to find ways to minimize that impact. So, every day we focus on implementing solutions that lead to making smarter choices; generating fewer emissions, less waste, and less pollution; and more adventure.

Welcome Everyone

Earth doesn’t discriminate - it is home to a beautiful group of diverse humans and other life forms that share its resources as well as the devastating effects of climate change. We believe that everyone, regardless of skin color, place of origin, religion, gender, or sexual orientation deserves the access to nature and all it has to offer. Nature is not a place simply to visit, it is our home. We are dedicated to taking care of our home, and those in it, so that everyone can enjoy it.

Give Back

It’s not enough to sell products that do less harm; we are also driven to do more good. That’s why a portion of every sale at The Merrimack Company goes to funding local conservation efforts to protect the Merrimack River and the surrounding community, creating a space for all to enjoy.

The Story Behind Our Logo

Merrimack Company LogoThe pine tree is a nod to New England’s white pines, and the three tiers of the tree represent our brand’s three pillars: community, nature, and adventure. The North Star is our guiding light, representing our ideal of constant improvement. The river, while of course representing the Merrimack, also symbolizes the strong and steady current of change and forward progress. Finally, the shield is emblematic of strength to stand up for what is right, and also was inspired by the flag of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Who We Are

Ken Michienzi - Founder and CEO of The Merrimack Company

Ken Michienzi is founder and CEO of The Merrimack Company, a provider of high-quality, eco-friendly and sustainable apparel and accessories perfectly suited for any adventure. After spending over a decade working for some of Silicon Valley’s most notable companies (Apple, Tesla, SoFi), Ken decided to buy an RV and embark on a year-long tour of the USA and Canada. This trip inspired Ken and helped him come to the realization that community, nature, and adventure were what mattered most to him. He pondered how these three fundamental beliefs could be combined, and The Merrimack Company was born.

Originally from Methuen, Massachusetts, Ken returned home and founded the eco-conscious lifestyle apparel brand on the banks of the Merrimack River. Home of the Industrial Revolution and the fashion industry in the United States, the Merrimack River was polluted by poor environmental practices in the 1840s when textile mills lined its banks. In a nod to that history, The Merrimack Company brings sustainable fashion back to the Merrimack River Valley. 

When not working, Ken enjoys adventuring, listening to music and attending live concerts, and road tripping with his 3-legged rescue dog, Pogo.